BioPKI model and Remote Access Control using Bio-Etoken in BioPKI System


For remote access to a database server (DB Server) in a network, a user usually has an account with a username and a password. However, the password can be lost, stolen or cracked, and the authentication process can be attacked (i.e., man-in-the-middle attack). Current approach for BioPKI system based on physiological characteristics of a person known as biometrics, provides solutions to these security problems. In this paper, we present a model of BioPKI system using embedded devices and an application for remote access control. The BioPKI infrastructure could provide multi-layer security with Bio-etoken, biocryptography protocol, and digital signature to enhance the security of the remote authentication process. The system is also resilient against man-in-the-middle attack, the forgery and denial of user. Experimental results of BioPKI system show that our approach is promising.

Addendum Contribution Proceeding of International Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies: Research, Innovation and Vision for the Future (IEEE - RIVF), pp.50-53, November 2010